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      1. Antique & Classic Boat Festival

        2020 Festival

        The 38th annual Antique and Classic Boat Festival, originally scheduled for the weekend of August 29-30, 2020 Has Been Cancelled

        Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, we regret to inform you that this year’s Festival has been cancelled.

        The festival will return in 2021.


        The flash of polished bronze and gleam of varnished wood across the water will be the order of the day as elegant antique and classic yachts sail into the host city of Salem, Massachusetts for the 38th Annual Antique & Classic Boat Festival August 29-30, 2020. Mostly wood, primarily private yachts and aesthetically stunning, the vessels will be on display to the public over the weekend at Safe Harbor Hawthorne Cove Marina. A hallmark of the Festival is the great variety of craft exhibited. “Where else,” says Pat Wells, Coordinator, “can one see 1900s-60s motor yachts, mahogany speedboats, sloops, yawls, schooners and traditional hand-powered craft! Although many of these vessels are museum quality, they are real boats in the water and in use by their owners today.”

        Our star from the 2016 Festival!

        missasia2Miss Asia, a 1923, 62-foot Consolidated Speedway luxury commuter, “fast, smart and modern in every respect,” as Motor Boating magazine put it 1924, “these sleek and sexy power boats, capable of speeds of up to 40 mph, were popular with tycoons for zipping back and forth between their country estates and business offices in waterfront cities such as Chicago, Detroit, and New York”. (Photo courtesy?of McMillan Yachts, Inc.)

        To the delight of the public, some skippers sport vintage garb; others display period décor or play a few tunes. Table settings and captivating floral arrangements might be found aboard a boat. Welcome mats are in evidence and children, pets and parrots have been known to enliven the scene. Many hospitable owners invite the public aboard for a personal tour, regaling visitors with tales of their boat’s history, memorable voyages and the joys and woes of restoring their classic. A crafts fair, artists, old-time band music, children’s activities and a Blessing of the Fleet round out this popular event.

        Want to hear a little more about it? Here’s the radio spot we ran the week of a previous festival –

        Our Flagship Sponsors for the 2019 Festival

        Safe Harbor Hawthorne Cove Marina
        MarineMax Russo
        Massachusetts Marine Trades Association
        Silent Maid
        Salem Five Charitable Foundation
        Salem Witch Museum
        Jonathan J. Margolis
        Thomas & Leslie Sullivan
        WoodenBoat Publications
        Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

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